Use Real-Time Customers

Agile approaches are designed to ensure that the delivery team works directly with any audience (internal or external) intended to receive the work that they are undertaking, to ensure that deliverables will fulfill their requirements. The critical distinction is determining who the end recipient of the work is – and understanding what they genuinely need.

The only way to ensure that deliverables at the end of a process meet the expectations from the beginning of the process is to involve the internal or external customer (i.e. the business owners) throughout the process. The business owners will be the first to tell the delivery team whether a proposed capability will (or will not) add value to their work. In addition, no one is better placed to provide the delivery team with feedback on the outputs than the people who will be working with what is delivered.

This collaborative approach leads to intrinsic customer satisfaction by establishing achievable goals that empower the delivery team to continually meet the expectations of the business owners.

The productivity resources section provides links to more detailed information on using real-time customer feedback and other Agile approaches for increasing your organization’s productivity levels.

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